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Guiding Principles.

NFTs, cryptocurrency, and DAOs, all powered by blockchain technology are the building blocks of a new decentralized internet known as Web 3.0 / the Metaverse.

This emerging framework provides a unique opportunity to reclaim the original vision for the internet as an open information meritocracy, free from big tech centralization, censorship and control.

We exist to help brands easily navigate the complexity of Web 3.0 and take full advantage of the open standards / decentralization paradigm.

By leveraging our know-how and expertise, brands can avoid the expensive and time consuming mistakes inherent in any nascent complex knowledge domain - such as Web 3.0.

As industry mentors we also provide guidance on how to avoid enticing but ultimately restrictive big-tech walled garden solutions and get up to speed on the power and autonomy that decentralized and open source software has to offer.

Say Hello to the Team.

We are a collective of disciplined and talented technologists, designers and business strategists who are passionate about the novel and democratizing power of blockchain technology.

Since 2015, the founding team have done tours of duty as CTOs, CEOs, art directors and marketing directors for numerous successful blockchain based projects. .

Charles Voltron

Co-Founder / Blockchain Engineer / PR Director

Ben Foley

Co-Founder / Client Services

Joshua Satterfield

Co-Founder / Blockchain Engineer / Art Director

What We Do.

What can we do for you?.

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. This is a complex industry and it can be difficult to separate the noise from good information. We offer a flexible advisory service that covers general questions, industry research, mentoring, review of an existing project, MVP development, etc. Engagement is typically 2-4 weeks and provides for roughly 10 hours a week. Retainer required to start.


AR / VR / Virtual World Design + Development

Custom 3D development across mobile, web, VR, augmented reality and desktop solutions.



Powered by smart contracts and the blockchain, DAOs are the next generation of community and org management. This service includes governance strategy, tooling, tokenomics and treasury design, marketing and communications strategy, risk management and financing tactics.



NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens have revolutionized the art world. NFT protocols are constantly evolving and are now being used as financial instruments in DeFi ecosystems. Our team can assist with market strategy, marketplace/platform development, ad hoc smart contract development, DeFi integration and more.

Metaverse / Web 3.0

Metaverse / Web 3.0

The Metaverse will consist of VR/AR virtual worlds where we can meet, work and play. The economics of the Metaverse will be built on blockchain technology. We provide platform design and development, VR/AR and blockchain integration.


Blockchain Dev

dApp development, smart contract creation and deployment, wallet integration, UI, token ecosystem design, token launches and security audits.


Web 3.0 CTO as a service

For a start-up, It is often more expedient and cost effective to hold off on hiring a full time CTO. We can provide ad hoc CTO level expertise on Metaverse/Blockchain centric ventures.



User interaction & experience will make or break a product. This is especially true with blockchain enabled apps. Our design capabilities are state-of-the-art. More importantly, we understand the specific nuances of UX for blockchain. Ask to see our portfolio.



Behind every great brand there is a great narrative that articulates a vision that inspires people to take action. Narrative is paramount in the blockchain industry. From design to copywriting, to community building - our deep industry experience is the leverage you need to build a successful and engaging brand.

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We design, build, & launch remarkable Metaverse/Web 3.0 experiences.

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